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Discussion: Conflicting Roles in the Forensic Setting

Correctional psychology is a specialty area within the field of forensic psychology. Work in this setting can present specific challenges for evaluators and treatment providers. For example, a psychology professional working in a corrections facility might serve in dual roles with clients since he or she will likely provide them treatment and evaluate them for early release, risk for dangerousness, and to make recommendations for postrelease conditions. This assignment will introduce you to the specific challenges faced while writing a risk assessment report on a client you have treated during his or her incarceration and presenting the data to the parole board for the purpose of early release. The client has served two years of his four-year sentence for aggravated assault; during this period, he or she has made significant progress, while under your care, with impulse control, anger management, and the ability to challenge his or her criminal thought patterns. You have conducted your risk assessment and are now ready to write your report. Before you write your report, you will have to think about these important factors. Discuss them in your initial post.

Using your textbook ,online library resources, minimum 200 words:

• The APA stance on dual relationships for psychology professionals in a correctional setting

• The inherent conflict a psychology professional in a corrections setting might experience by being in the dual role of a treatment provider and an evaluator

• The individual client factors that might influence prerelease decisions made by psychology professionals in a corrections setting.

Reference no: EM132183609

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