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Write a 2-3 page persuasive essay using APA style. Be sure to use complete sentences, and provide specific examples when applicable. As with all material you submit, check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and language usage.

In your essay, include the following information:

A. Provide two or three initial ideas for new products that McDonald's can include on the menu.

B. Find two articles or other references in the library or the Internet from credible sources that provide some information on whether the product might be successful. For instance, if you decide that McDonald's should offer French cuisine on their menu, you would try to find an article that provides information on how US consumers have increased their consumption of French cuisine over the past three years.

C. For each article: Provide a brief explanation of how each supports one or all of the possible products you have selected for candidates to be placed on McDonald's current menu.

D. Provide a very brief analysis of the two articles you found. The summary should be approximately one paragraph for each article.

E. Provide a reference list for the articles you have found in APA format.

In the past, many students have selected popular products that McDonald's does not offer, but other restaurants successfully provide. This is an opportunity to use your creativity, so think critically on what products may positively impact the McDonald's menu of products to increase revenues and profitability. The secondary research used in this Assignment should support your new product idea. Remember you are in the process of finding data that will convince a hardened senior executive that your addition to the menu will be good for McDonald's and their bottom line.

For additional requirements in relation to this Assignment, download the grading rubric below.

Reference no: EM13790782

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