Define precedent and stare decisis

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1. Define precedent and stare decisis.

2. Explain how precedent and stare decisis will help a trial court judge decide an issue they are facing.

3. If you were a business owner, how would having knowledge of case law relevant to your business help guide your business decisions?

Reference no: EM131398992

Describe the agent of sociology

Examine one (1) of the six (6) agents of socialization (family, school, peer groups, work, religion, and technology and mass media). Describe the agent of sociology that has c

Implement flexibility for customer-introduced variability

A foundation of operations in both manufacturing and service environments is vital in order to drive inefficiencies and examine ways to achieve greater supply chain integratio

Customized software for inventory control system

Best PC Technologies LLC contracts with Caliber Motor Parts Stores to provide customized software for Caliber's inventory control system. Dick's Auto Parts, Caliber's competit

Integrating information technologies-business operations

Unlike large organizations, small organizations have been less active in integrating information technologies into their business operations. Tell us if the availability of in

Facing economic difficulties and employee discontent

An employer of a unionized plant was facing economic difficulties and employee discontent. It established five employee committees to suggest company policy on absenteeism, sm

Discuss the the customer is always right attitude

Discuss the “the customer is always right” attitude. As a customer, do you believe that you are always right and that companies should cater to what you want to have? As an em

Identify opportunities for improvement based on data

Being able to identify opportunities for improvement based on data and other information is a valuable professional skill. Most management and administration positions require

The richest sources of seasonality components

Banks and fast food outlets are among the richest sources of seasonality components. Demand varies by: 1. The hour, 2. The day of the week, 3. The day of the month, 4. The wee


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