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The United States in currently running a large current account deficit. If Congress and the White House decide to enact policies to reduce or eliminate the deficit, what actions should they take? Describe the set of policy options available to them, and process through which each policy option works to reduce or eliminate the current account deficit.

Reference no: EM13183454

How would your answer change if juanita were a kentucky

Juanita, a Texas resident (5th Circuit), is researching a tax question and finds a 5th Circuit case ruling that is favorable and a 9th Circuit case that is unfavorable. Which

Have property right policies been successful in asia

How might a government solve the problem of overfishing by assigning property rights over areas of the sea around the local coastline to a single fisherman [hint: he can cha

How to educate chinese consumers about american tradition

The Oreo has long been the top selling cookie in the U.S. market. But Kraft Foods Inc. had to reinvent the Oreo to make it sell well in China given that the Chinese were not

Interpret the economic meaning of the estimated coefficient

Housing price models can be estimated with time-series as well as cross-sectional data. If you study aggregate time-series housing prices, you have: N 38 (annual 1970-2007)

The equilibrium price of sugar in the united states

Based on your answer, identify who benefits and who is hurt because of the tariffs and also identify at least one industry that is likely to strongly lobby in favor of quotas

Explain what is meant by internalizing an externality

When the United States placed a tariff on steel imports in 2002, foreign producers naturally complained, but there were also complaints from U.S. firms operating in other in

Discuss potential diversity issues

Suppose you have been assigned the task of making the process for the selection, establishment and facilitation and evaluation parameters for a global team that will consist o

Harmonization of accounting standards across countries

Determine the role would technology play if there was a move to harmonization of accounting standards across countries? Explain your reasoning.


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