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Question 1

Organizational Effectiveness


Based on the list below, present an overview and brief analysis of a model for assessing organizational effectiveness. Describe the strengths and weakness of this model. Give special attention to realistic applications for implementing the model assigned.
If your last name begins with:

• A-D: Goal approach model.
• E-I: Systems-resource approach.
• J-N: Participant-satisfaction models.
• O-R: Human Resource and Internal Process models.
• S-V: The Government Performance Project.
• W-Z: The Balanced Scorecard.

My last name starts with an H so you need to comment on the Systems-resource approach

Question 2

Examine the case study on Value Jet in the Stillman text (pages 322-337) and explore the Value Jet case study materials. Were the elements of effectiveness in this case present and identifiable? Explain. If so, would government intervention have prevented the tragedy? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13801394

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