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1. Define limited jurisdiction and general jurisdiction and provide an example for each

2. Flatbranch files a lawsuit against Joe for breach of contract in a Missouri state court of general jurisdiction. Explain the way a lawsuit would proceed through the trial and appeal process after the lawsuit is filed. How would the lawsuit proceed if it was filed in federal court?

3. Define personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction. Are both needed for jurisdiction over a lawsuit? How does jurisdiction differ between federal and state courts?

4. Albert, a citizen of Alaska, went skiing in Colorado over Christmas. During his ski trip, he was speeding on the highway and ran into Corbin, from California. Corbin wants to sue Albert for negligence and claimed $50,000 for medical expenses and pain and suffering. Can he sue Albert in Alaska state court, Colorado state court or California state court? Can Corbin also sue Albert in federal court in those states? Explain.

5. List the alternative dispute resolution methods including a definition and a description of each.  

Sample Multiple choice questions for Chapter One to be answered as part of your homework:

1. Bobby is contemplating suing Anita for a contract dispute, but he thinks that they may be able to work it out without utilizing the court system. He doesn’t want anything to be binding in case they cannot reach a resolution. Which ADR method would be best for Bobby. 1. Arbitration 2. Mediation 3. Negotiation 4. 2 or 3 only 5. 1 or 2 only

2. Rachel wants to sue Pheobe for slapping her across the face after Rachel told her that the song Smelly cat was terrible. Rachel is from New York, but Pheobe is a resident of Hawaii. The slapping incident happened at Central Perk in New York City and Rachel had $100,000 in medical bills for her plastic surgery to get her face back to how it was before the incident. Where can Rachel bring a claim against Pheobe? 1. New York federal court 2. New York state court 3. Hawaii federal court 4. Hawaii state court 5. All of the above

3. Missouri trial court is a court of: 1. Exclusive jurisdiction 2. General jurisdiction 3. Subject matter jurisdiction 4. Personal jurisdiction 5. Concurrent jurisdiction

4. Bill is from Texas and Alfonzo is from Kansas. They get into a car accident in Missouri that causes $100,000 of damage to Alfonzo’s car. Missouri state court would have: 1. Exclusive jurisdiction 2. Concurrent jurisdiction 3. Personal jurisdiction 4. Subject matter jurisdiction 5. 3 and 4 only.

Reference no: EM131224380

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