Define impact of our current digital age on concept of self
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Prior to beginning work on this discussion please read Chapter Nine of your course text, and review sections 2.5, 3.1, and 3.2 from previous chapters. Also read the Palacios, Echaniz, Fernandez and Ortiz de Barron (2015) article Personal Self-Concept and Satisfaction with Life in Adolescence, Youth, and Adulthood and the Dodge, Barab, Stuckey, Warren, Heiselt, & Stein (2008) article Children's Sense of Self: Learning and Meaning in the Digital Age.

The concept of self is core to the study of personality, and most of the theories we have studied in this course postulate some idea about what constitutes the self. This week, we are looking at the self-psychology model which presents several theories regarding how we perceive ourselves and how that is expressed in our personalities. In your initial post, provide a brief overview of the two theories of self that resonate the most with you and explain why you relate to these theories. Be sure to identify the principal theorists associated with your two chosen theories. Describe the impact of our current digital age on the concept of self , including the impact of social media on the way we perceive ourselves. Explain whether or not our perceptions of self are evolving because of social media, including the idea of a digital self. Provide examples of how this might be happening or provide a rationale as to why you believe it is not happening. Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words and should include references to both of the assigned articles.

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