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Question: Balancing School and Life - My Quality of Life Self-Care Plan. The purpose of developing this Plan is to set a framework and a plan to maintain wellness and to stay motivated and engaged throughout your Program. Doing this will help you achieve success during your coursework and as a professional nurse.

The goal of the Project is to help you become self-aware and reflective as a means of identifying personal self-care strategies that will increase your energy and help you manage your stress. The Project will give you a chance to learn how this is accomplished as you will be doing similar work with clients during the Program and as a professional nurse to assist them in the same way.

Use the Quality of Life Self-Care Wheel to assess your current state. After you determine your scores, in a 2-3 page paper complete the following:

• Discuss those areas that are strengths (higher scores) and those areas that need further development (lower scores).

• Identify two strategies you can use to maintain or maximize each identified strength.

• Identify two strategies you can use to strengthen each area needing development. Explain how you will put these strategies into action. Be specific. For example, instead of stating, "I need to exercise," your action should state "I will begin to walk 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week."

The action should be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timeframe

• Also attach your completed form

• Minimum length 2-3 pages not including cover or referencing. APA formatting.

Reference no: EM132280899

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