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Question 1. Which of the following is similar to a travel agent for cargo since they provide services like documentation completion, special rate handling, and customs clearance, in addition to their consolidating of small shipments to fill entire truckloads?

Transportation Broker

Freight Forwarder

Shippers' Association

Integrated Logistics Service Provider

Question 2. While there are many questions and concerns that must be addressed before a final location is determined, there are basically three levels of location decisions. Which of the following is not one of those three levels of location decisions?

Global market or country selection

Subregion or state selection

Community and site selection

Territory and quadrant selection

Question 3.Segmenting customers on the basis of things like products purchased, sales history, demographic information, and desired product features can dilute the results of a CRM program; segmenting customers should be avoided.



Question 4. Which of the following would NOT be considered an acceptable option in managing capacity when demand exceeds available service capacity?

Utilizing fewer facilitating products

Utilizing technological tools like computers and automated systems

Cross-training and sharing employees

Using customers to provide services

Question 5. A country that imposes high tariffs discourages foreign-based companies from importing goods and they also may encourage multinational corporations to set up local factories to produce items locally in order to avoid those high tariffs.



Question 6. Up until now CRM has been very effective for most companies because it has focused on building customers' trust and loyalty, ultimately building a strong relationship with the customer through programs that make it easy for the customer to return products and get information from people inside the organization.



Question 7. Because integrated supply chains require good suppliers to act as good supply-chain customer partners, CRM programs should include first-tier customer training and education to ensure proper use of purchase products.



Question 8. Which of the following customer service elements can be classified as examples of pre-transaction elements?

Salesperson politeness and order processing capabilities

Warranty repair capabilities and customer complaint resolution

Product returns and information about the operation of the product purchased

Customer service policies and the company's choice of organizational structure

Question 9. Which of the following modes of cargo transport can be characterized as being the most inexpensive and very slow, yet good for transporting very heavy goods a long-distance?

Air Carriers

Rail Carriers

Water Carriers

Motor Carriers

Question 10. Which of the following items would be considered a facilitating product?

The automobiles washed by the car wash

The suits being cleaned by the dry cleaner

The tools used to fix your car at an auto shop

All of these

Reference no: EM13818275

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