Define green reveloution and gene reveloution

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Define green reveloution and gene reveloution, explain concisely how they differ in their approach to the improvement of crop production. Explain the impact of the green reveloution on Agriculture. With reasons , which of the two above approaches is likely to lead to sustainable crop production system. (20 marks) 200-250 word limit 

Reference no: EM13183949

Experience with race-gender-ethnicity-sexual-orientation

Social scientists believe that everyone possesses conscious and unconscious, preferences for some social groups over others. Consider your own background and experience with r

Warranty imposes upon the seller of goods a duty

A warranty imposes upon the seller of goods a duty that the goods conform to the promise in the warranty. If they do not, the buyer has an action for breach of warranty. Under

Learning involves

According 1. to the text, learning involves: A) the ability to think abstractly. B) a change in behavior due to experience. C) the development of prosocial behavior. D) a redu

Economy after world war-national labor relations act

Explain why it can be said that the U.S economy after World War Two raised the living standards of Americans sufficiently to make it a predominantly middle class country, incl

Examples of ageism from media-personal experience

Provide some examples of ageism from the media or your own personal experience, and share some ways that the human services field can work to combat this issue. Prior to this

Different types of epidemiologic studies

Why is epidemiologic surveillance important for public health? What are some of the different types of epidemiologic studies?

Affect the interpretation of the geologic rock record

How do unconformities affect the interpretation of the geologic rock record, or your ability to read Earth's history from the rock record?

Determine effective representation

Whose interest do members of congress represent? Make sure to discuss the meaning of representation along with the multiple constituencies of legislators. what is representati


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