Define cultural sensitivity and intervention strategies used

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1. Short Paper: Cultural Sensitivity and Intervention

Based on the article provided, discuss the cultural sensitivity and intervention strategies used. Evaluate the multicultural approach when utilizing treatments and strategies with children and adolescents.

2. Final Project Milestone One: Intervention Plan Overview

Submit an overview of your intervention plan. The overview should include a brief description of a treatment plan for a diagnosis of your choice, and it should indicate why this diagnosis is a result of the child's or adolescent's involvement in the legal system. The paper should also explore ethical considerations when deciding the best therapeutic interventions to implement, such as individual or family therapy.

Reference no: EM131174941

What appears to be valid or invalid in the article

A discussion of what appears to be valid or invalid in the article - A determination of whether or not you agree with the author's assertion and an explanation as to why you

What are the costs and benefits of the policy

What are the costs and benefits of the policy? What are the risks of enacting or not enacting the policy? How will the lives of people who are affected by the health issue cha

Identify transition points or conflicts in your gender role

Describe your experiences with sexism or lack of experiences with sexism. How does this relate to what the scientific community says about transitions, conflicts, and challe

What is the process of memory from perception to retrieval

What is the process of memory from perception to retrieval? What happens when the process is compromised? Is it possible for memory retrieval to be unreliable? Why or why no

Similarities between the avocado and artichoke views of self

What do you make of the feminist, existential, and non-Western critiques of the essentialist/avocado self? Are there any other problems with the idea that human beings are f

What is internal and external validity

Is there a benefit in achieving a high level of one type of validity (internal versus external) over the other? Is there a way to design a study or series of studies to have

Would you say you are living the good life

What makes you happy? Would you say you are living "the good life?" Why or why not? If you could make any changes you wished that would make you happier, what would those be?

What are dr. matthews ethical alternatives for resolving

How might Irina's age and parents' involvement in the referral affect how Dr. Matthews can resolve the dilemma? How might the state law on treatment of minors and HIPAA rule


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