Define consumer-based healthcare

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In the current environment there is a increasing trend towards consumer-driven care. Research a consumer-based healthcare tool (e.g. mobile app, ambulatory monitoring device e.g. Apple Watch, FitBit, website, other) and answer the following questions:

1. Define consumer-based healthcare?

2. Based on the consumer-based tool that you researched (provide a URL or indicate the product):

a. What service/value does it provide to help consumers manage their health and wellness?
b. What are the disadvantages and advantages to this product?
c. How would you do to make it better? Explain.

2) Imagine that you were born the opposite gender (if you are a female, imagine you were born a male, or if you are a male, imagine you were born a female). How do you think your life would be different than what it is like now? Pick a few main differences to discuss. What do you think you would like best about being the opposite gender? What do you think you would like least?

Reference no: EM13950243

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