Define chloromethane ch3cl arises from the oceans

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Chloromethane,CH3Cl, arises from the oceans and from microbial fermentation and is found throughout the environment. It is used in the manufacture of various chemicals and has been used as a topical anesthetic. What quantity of heat must be absorbed to convert 92.5 g of liquid vapor at its boiling point, -24.09 degrees C? The heat of vaporization of CH3Cl is 21/40kJ/mol

Reference no: EM13311993

Explain an enzyme found in the small intestine

Lactase, an enzyme found in the small intestine, cleaves the milk sugar lactose to yield glucose and galactose. Assuming that the km for lactose is 0.9mM, vmax is 3.5 microm

Define how many moles of fluorine are present at equilibrium

2NO (g) + 3F2(g) yields 2NOF3(g). suppose 0.20 mol of NO and 0.30 mol of F2 are added to a 5.0-L container. If x mol of NOF3 is present at equilibrium, how many moles of flu

Explain what one statement best describes the molecule

A molecule, whose formula is AB, dissolves in water and also conducts electricity. What one statement best describes this molecule after it's placed in water. A)AB exists as

Questions based on food chemistry

What unusual aspect of water is responsible for it unique characteristics as both a liquid and as a solid? Give examples of how this property of water would affect food system

What are the values of pb2 and na

Problem- A student mixes 45.0 mL of 3.32 M Pb(NO3)2(aq) with 20.0 mL of 0.00245 M Na2C2O4(aq). How many moles of PbC2O4(s) precipitate from the resulting solution. What are

Explain what factors will the rate of reaction increase

State the reaction A+2B -> products has the rate law, rate = k[A][B]^3. If the concentration of B is dobled while that of A is unchanged, by explain what factors will the ra

What is the molecular formula of the solute

The addition od 3.16g of this compound to 75 mL of cyclohexane (d= 0.779g/ml) gives a solution with a freezing point of 0.0 degrees Celsius. The normal freezing pt of cycloh

Compute the molar mass of the protein

When 0.250 grams of a polymer were dissolved in 22.9 mL of benzene at 21.6 degrees C, the osmotic pressure was found to be 0.044 atm. Calculate the molar mass of the protein


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