Define characteristics of a good theory relevant to topic

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Question: This week, you will finalize your theory and topic selection for your Final Project Assignment.

To Prepare: 1. Think about the final project topic you selected in Week 1.

2. Select two theories you will address in your final project.

3. When selecting two theories, consider whether each theory could:

• explain the origins and development of your topic

• be used to develop strategies or programs to benefit human development relevant to your topic

• address cultural differences or diversity considerations relevant to your topic

• meet the characteristics of a good theory relevant to your topic

4. Keep in mind that the theories you select might not meet all these criteria; you will discuss the strengths and limitations of the theories as part of your final project.

Submit a 1-page summary of the topic you chose for your Final Project, the two theories you selected, and why you believe these theories relate to your topic.

Reference no: EM132280817

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