Define broadband and baseband transmission technology

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In 10 or more pages, address the following topics (be sure to use diagrams as well as references).

1) Define broadband and baseband transmission technology.

2) Describe broadband technology and how a broadband system operates.

3) Discuss the difference between wired and wireless broadband and the technologies that are used to implement/deploy each of these two broad classes of broadband technology.

4) Discuss and analyze the FCC's role in broadband regulation.

5) Define and discuss the FCC mission and responsibilities as established by Congress in current legislation.

6) Define and discuss net neutrality in light of the FCC's role in broadband regulation and the FCC's legal authorities. Be sure to cite diligently.

Prepare your paper in Word format and submit it through your Assignments Folder.

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Reference no: EM13756306

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