Deeper understanding of the problem of heterosexism

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"Heterosexism, The Fear That Affects Us All"

In this project, you will use the internet to come to a deeper understanding of the problem of heterosexism. Read Chapter Ten thoroughly to help you better understand the information you find. There are FOUR parts, and each is worth a specified number of points if it is answered correctly and with thoughtful reflection.

Before you begin, read the entire assignment, including the section entitled "What NOT to do" at the end of this page. Remember, your Small Assignments are not shared with your classmates.

Label each section (Part One, Part Two, etc.) in your answer. It should be clear which answers go with which sections. Do not include the instructions with your work - section labels (Part One, Part Two, etc.) and answers only.

Part 1:

1. Section One: Type the word "heterosexism" into an internet search engine (such as Google or Yahoo). Find a site that teaches you something interesting and useful about fighting the fear and hate of heterosexism. Paste the site's address here. I must be able to use this address and go to this site for you to earn 50 points.

2. Section Two: Tell me why you found this site interesting. What did you learn? (3-5 intelligent and complete sentences, 100 points possible)

You must notate the total TIME ON TASK for the assignment, or points will be deducted for the missing time.

Part 2:

3. Section Three: Heterosexism negatively affects heterosexuals, too. In 3-5 thoughtful sentences, explain how heterosexism is bad for heterosexually-identified people. You may use the internet to help you think about this, but the information must be in your own words. (Hint: search using words such as "heterosexism affects heterosexuals.") (100 possible points)

4. Section Four: Tell me ONE thing you can say and/or do the next time you are faced with heterosexist attitudes and/or behaviors. Imagine yourself in a situation where heterosexist attitudes, words and/or actions are taking place. (You might even be the one who is saying or doing these things.) What can you do to fight this form of oppression? Write one solid, thoughtful paragraph of 4-7 sentences for a possible 100 points. Stay on topic and answer this question.

Reference no: EM131523638

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