Decisions that can change everything

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Decisions that can change everything.

In July 2013 I was traveling from Memphis to Philadelphia to visit my family and for my cousin sweet sixteen. In this event the whole family would be together. To me this trip was one of the most anticipated trips since I moved to Memphis because I had one year that I do not seen my family. I remember I was so happy for my trip; therefore, I arrived early to the airport to don't miss my flight and do everything on time. In this story, I will tell you about my journey, the decision that I had to take to arrive to my destination, and how those decisions changed how I feel the day of today.

After finish the check in at the airport and boarding the plane the air hostess told us that we will be few minutes late because the weather was a little bit bad. I thought ok I'm fine I have one hour twenty minute of different with my next connecting flight in Washington DC. I took my phone and I started playing candy crash one of the most popular and addictive games of the moment. I got distracted and I lost track of time. When I came back to the reality, I look the watch, and I realize that we had spent almost an hour sitting in the plane without moving to nowhere. I was starting to worry because I would lose my next flight; in that instant, the air hostess apologizes about the inconvenience and told us that is something that is not on their hand but they going to inform to the airport to try that the people that have connection do not lose the flight. When finally we arrive to Washington I had one hour delay and I just had twenty minute to take the next flight, was not enough time to exit the plane and boarding the next plane. I was trying to be in calm and do not despair and I thought if I lose the flight the airline can send me in the next flight. That was totally true "I lost the flight". In that moment I took a deep breath and walked to customer service. When I arrive to customer service they had a big line and a lot of people upset because they lost the flight "that's what I imagined at that moment", but when my turn came I realized why they was really annoying. When the lady that assists me told me we do not have any other flight to Philadelphia until tomorrow morning. I was upset like the rest of the people and I ask the lady can you please check again if you can find any other flight not matter if has another connection? And she answer me no we do not have nothing for tonight, everything is full. I took another deep breath and I ask her what I can do, the airline going to pay me a hotel? She said no because you lost the flight by the bad weather and we are not responsible, the only solution is wait for tomorrow or pay yourself the hotel. I was silent for a few seconds and the lady beside her said here is another solution, I asked which? And she said with a smile in her face "return to Memphis". I saw her and I do not finish the conversation, I went to the waiting room.

Well, I sat down for try to take a decision. The first option was the hotel, I check the hotels in the area online and the price was high $200 dollars the night, almost the same that I paid for the flight. I said myself not Stephany you can't spend all that money and I discard the option. The second option was stay in the airport for the next fifteen hours and waits for the next flight in the morning or the third option how the lady of customer service told me, take the next flight back to Memphis. I choose the third option take the next flight to Memphis because I not going to be in my cousin party and truth that I do not feel good to wait 15 hour in the airport. When I was doing the line again to take the flight back to Memphis was a man with his son and a senior lady talking about rent a car to drive to Philadelphia that do not was too far of Washington. When I heard that a smile came to my face and I ask them if I can go with them, the guys say yes. I called my mother and I tell her" mom I going to be there tonight for the party" and she asked me the airline find you a flight, and I said no mom here are three person that lost the flight like me and they going to drive to Philadelphia I going to go with them. She told me not Stephany because you don't know them, and I answer her if I don't go with them I going to take the next flight back to Memphis. My mom told me Stephany no matter if are not in the party, we are waiting for you, and your grandmother going to be here for a week and you have two year without see her. In that moment my mom made me think, and I took one of the best decisions in my live. I decide to wait fifteen hour sitting in the airport just to see my grandmother, without knowing that this would be the last time that I would saw her.

The decision that I took that day changed absolutely everything of how I feel the day of today. I cannot imagine how bad I would feel today if I would not have expected just fifteen hour to see my grandmother. I think I can wait more than fifteen hour just to see her one more time if somebody gives me that option today; although I know that is impossible.

In conclusion, with this experience I learned that sometime we cannot understand why some situation happens in our live, but with the past of the time we understand why that happens. To my experience I understood that this happen to me to teach me the real value of the family and that you never know when going to be the last time with them. Also teach me to don't take the easy solution to resolve a problem, putting in the said the most important things that are the "Family". Now I don't wait two year to visit the people that I love, every two or three months I try to visit them, but without taking a connecting flight.


The homework is a narrative essay. Please check the grammar, organization, and improve the ideas if need to change something feel free.

Reference no: EM13845203

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