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Applebee's is the largest casual dining chain in the world, with over 1800 locations throughout the U.S. and also in 20 other countries. The menu features beef, chicken, and pork items, as well as burgers, pasta, and seafood. Applebee's CEO wants to make the restaurant more profitable by developing menus that are tastier and contain more items that customers want and are willing to pay for despite rising costs for gasoline and agricultural products. How might business intelligence help management implement this strategy? What pieces of data would Applebee's need to collect? What kinds of reports would be useful to help management make decisions on how to improve menus and profitability?

Reference no: EM13969403

Classify a failure cost as internal versus external

What criterion is used to classify a failure cost as internal versus external? Give three examples of an internal failure cost and three examples of an external failure cost.

About the search costs

Joes search costs are $7 per search. He wants to buy a video player for his wife for Christmas and the lowest price he's found so far is $200. Joe thinks one third of the stor

Panel interview versus and individual interview

What are the advantages/disadvantages of a panel interview versus and individual interview? If you were the staffing director which one would you prefer to use? Why. If you we

Linear programming model-optimal solution and maximum profit

Given this linear programming model: Explain what information is presented in this model. If they sell 4 of x and 5 of y, what is their total profit? Determine the optimal sol

Determine the optimal quantities of the decision variables

A wood products firm uses available time at the end of each week to make goods for stock. Currently, two products on the list of times are produced for stock: a chopping board

Healthcare ethics and morals

The rising number of uninsured patients has led to an increased reliance on the hospital emergency room for routine nonemergency care. EMTALA ensures patients' access to the e

Potential advantages and disadvantages of that alternative

What are alternatives course of actions for Apple can use to continue success for the future? Each Alternative that you develop for the firm must show the potential advantages

Accomodate this annual demand

Jose runs a mail-order business for gym equipment from his house. Annual demand for its best seller item is 25,000 units. This best seller item has a cost of $292 per unit and


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