Decision making with managerial accounting

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Decision Making with Managerial Accounting

Due to varying business characteristics, the managerial accounting techniques applied in each business may differ.  For example, a business in the start-up phase may rely heavily upon budgeting and capital investment techniques; whereas, a business in the mature/maintaining phase may rely heavily upon cost management and quality control. Ultimately, the techniques used by management should assist the business in achieving its short-term and long-term goals through effective decision-making.

For your Final Paper, you will analyze the role of managerial accounting in two parts. Part I will provide a general overview of managerial accounting. Part II will provide examples of how managerial accounting theories and principles are applied in the business world.  You may find it helpful to reflect upon your own professional experiences for examples.

Part I (three to four double-spaced pages, excluding the title and reference pages)
Present the following:

  • Define managerial accounting
  • Describe the role of managerial accounting and the management accountant in a business or organization
  • Describes ethical issues/concerns for the management accountant
  • Describes at least three managerial accounting techniques available and their application within a business or organization

Part II (Four to six double-spaced pages, excluding the title and reference pages)
Select at least three of the five topics identified below:

  • Cost Management Techniques
  • Costing Methods
  • Capital Investment Decision Techniques
  • Budgeting
  • Quality Control

For each topic selected, present real world examples of the application of managerial accounting techniques within a business or organization.  Examples may be gathered from your own professional experiences or from case studies obtained from credible sources (excluding textbook examples explored in previous weeks).  Presentation of each example should include how a managerial accounting technique was applied in the business or organization's decision-making model.  Be sure to support your example with calculations when applicable.

Reference no: EM131360290

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