Decision making important in an organization

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Why is an effective decision making important in an organization? Please explain.

Reference no: EM132280923

Develop a list of recommendations for your school

Develop a list of recommendations for your school for improving the delivery of its service. Consider both classroom and nonclassroom aspects of the educational product.

Does the price level of the advertised item have an affect

Examine whether the ad's message and execution method(s) are a good match to use internationally. Explain your interpretation and provide a comment for improvement(s). Does th

Displays the subtotal of the sale

How to get the total purchase of five items with price of each items and then displays the subtotal of the sale, the amount of sales tax, and the total. Assume the sales tax

Describe the type of action research

The body of the proposal should be 10 slides - think about an area of need, describe the problem or issue, describe the type of action research you would follow, and explain

Price equals perception

1). Take this statement: Price equals perception. What does this mean to you and do you think it's true? why or why not? 2). What the pricing strategy elements and how do we g

Prepare a report to your city manager

Prepare a report to your city manager.-  Explain approach and the rationale for why this is the best model. - Evaluate the data and conclude your report with a recommendation

Organized a future search conference to address

If you organized a Future Search Conference to address the issue identified in Question 1 above, who would you include in the initial planning before the conference? Who you

Create a swot analysis for you company that is specific

Create a SWOT analysis for you company that is specific and explains choices thoroughly. Avoid being generic with your choices. Relate them directly to the industry and busi


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