Decides to set up a retirement fund by depositing

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Miguel decides to set up a retirement fund by depositing 15,000 at the end pf each year for 40 years. How much will he have then, if the interest rate is 8% compounded semi annually


A. 600000.00

B. 4053271.89

C. 5097658.89

D. 5957050.89


E. None of the above

Reference no: EM13789465

Annually on money

Linda needs to have $50,000 in eight year, how much would she have to invest today, if she earns 10 percent annually on her money? How much would she have to put away annually

Check two relevant and two non-relevant costs in decision

Identify a decision that has recently been made or will be made in the near future in your organization.  Identify two relevant and two non-relevant costs in this decision.

Beginning with income from continuing operations before tax

For the year ending December 31, 2016, Micron Corporation had income from continuing operations before taxes of $1,310,000 before considering the following transactions and ev

Considering the disposal of equipment

Carillion Company is considering the disposal of equipment that is no longer needed for operations. The equipment originally cost $600,000 and accumulated depreciation to date

Preparation of cash flows statement

Preparation of Cash Flows Statement in Indirect method - Purpose a statement of cash flows, using the indirect method of presenting cash flows from operating activities.

Max corporation acquired

Max Corporation acquired 30 percent of the outstanding common stock of Rich Company for $1,000,000. This acquisition gave Max the ability to exercise significant influence ove

Description of the concept to the concept

Numerous timing concepts are discussed on pages 96 to 97. A list of concepts is provided on page 99, on the left, with a description of the concept on the right. There are m

Compute the total relevant cost for the alternatives

Carvey Company manufactures a variety of ballpoint pens. The company has just received an offer from an outside supplier to provide the ink cartridge for the company’s pen lin


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