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As a manager of the St. Cloud Theatre Company, you have decided that concession sales will support themselves. The following table provides the information you have been able to put together thus far:

Item                Selling Price               Variable Cost             % of Revenue

Soft Drink       $1.25--------------------------$0.70-----------------------24

Wine               $1.75-------------------------$0.90-----------------------24

Coffee             $1.25-------------------------$0.35-----------------------29

Candy             $1.20-------------------------$0.25-----------------------23

Last year manager Jim Freeland has advised you to be sure to add 10% of variable cost as a waste allowance for all categories. You estimate labor cost to be $280.00 ( 5 booths with 3 people each). Even if nothing is sold, your labor cost will be $280.00, so you decide to consider this a fixed cost. Booth rental, which is contractual cost at $80.00 for each booth per night is also a fixed cost.

A. Based on the information available, the per night break-even point in dollars for the St.Cloud Theatre Company= $

B. The sale of wine per night= $

Reference no: EM131279903

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