Debt-assets ratio-sales and costs remained constant

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Last year Rennie Industries had sales of $305,000, assets of $175,000, a profit margin of 5.3%, and an equity multiplier of 1.2. The CFO believes that the company could reduce its assets by $51,000 without affecting either sales or costs. Had it reduced its assets by this amount, and had the debt/assets ratio, sales, and costs remained constant, how much would the ROE have changed?

Reference no: EM13882242

Based strictly on the calculations

Based strictly on the calculations, which proposals should be accepted or rejected. Use the appropriate divisional discount rate. The net present value provides the answer dir

Piece of newly purchased industrial equipment costs

A piece of newly purchased industrial equipment costs $978,000 and is classified as seven-year property under MACRS. The MACRS depreciation schedule is shown in Table 10.7. Ca

Number of planned seats for turn-around and breakage

The building and the land it sits on will cost $250,000 and you have 20% to put down on the property. Annual taxes are $6,000 and fire and liability insurance is $3,600. You n

Enough funds at the point of retirement

Assume that you are presently 30 years old and that you intend to retire when you turn 65. You would like to make sure that you have enough funds at the point of retirement to

Approaches operating cash flow ebit-depreciation-taxes

A proposed new project has projected sales of $129,000, costs of $63,000, and depreciation of $13,200. The tax rate is 30 percent. Calculate operating cash flow using the four

A project has the cash flows

A project has the following cash flows: Year Cash Flow 0 $ 40,500 1 – 19,500 2 – 30,500 What is the IRR for this project? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places. (e.g., 32.16)

Paid dividend-what is the price of the stock

Thirsty Cactus Corp. just paid a dividend of $2.40 per share. The dividends are expected to grow at 16 percent for the next eight years and then level off to a growth rate of

Analysis of proposed ambulatory surgery center costing

Assume that your organization's chief financial officer (CFO) has just completed a presentation to the board of trustees concerning the analysis of a proposed ambulatory surge


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