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The owner of a restaurant is considering lowering prices to draw more customers. He is debating between lowering the steak price r the salmon price. When he lowered the prices last year: a $2.00 decrease in the 15$ steak resulted in growth sales from 75 to 100/week. A $2.50 decrease in the %17.00 price increased sales from 40-75/week. Which entree should he choose to put on sale?

Reference no: EM131203935

How do employees at ziftycom communicate with each other

How do employees at communicate with each other? Is communication formal or informal? Does information flow only from the top down-from owners to managers to drive

Write an opinion editorial

Write an opinion editorial for a local or national newspaper. The topic is your choice. The only limitation on the topic is that it should focus on a current healthcare issue.

Us producers need to sell in the united states

. Given your answer to part (a)and given which anyone can buy or sell cars from abroad at the world price of $10,000, explain how many cars will U.S producers need to sell i

Books for financial reporting purposes

Rock Solid Manufacturing, Inc., has acquired the net assets of Jelly Soft Manufacturing, Inc., for $10 million and now needs to address how the acquisition should be recorde

Sale price and the book value on cash flow statement

If an asset is sold does the difference between the sale price and the book value (gain or loss) is this reported on the cash flow statement or the income statement?

Find the total shipping costs for each potential site

William Borders, the firm's owner, is deciding where to build a new plant-Philadelphia or Seattle. Use the following table to find the total shipping costs for each potentia

What are the three major global mind-set attributes that suc

How does one successfully select an expatriate? In selecting a person for an expatriate assignment, what are the three major global mind-set attributes that successful expatri

Company record its expenses incurred to generate the revenue

The rule that requires financial statements to reflect the assumption that the business will continue operating instead of being closed or sold, unless evidence shows that i


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