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Read the case study "De Beers Diamond Dilemma" (McAdams and Reavis, 2008) on which the assignment is based.Answer the following questions based on the case and relevant strategic management theories.

Question 1: Carry out a Five Forces analysis (Johnson et al, 2011, p.54) for de Beers in 2006: make sure that you include the emergence of synthetic diamonds, and the role of other producers in the analysis. Does this analysis adequately represent De Beers competitive position?

Question 2: Analyse the De Beers' stakeholders in 2006, making use of the power/interest matrix(Johnson et al, 2011, p.141), and provide brief suggestions as to how De Beers should manage each stakeholder?

Question 3: Evaluate DeBeers' choice of strategy in dealing with the blood diamonds issue (Hint:use the criteria of suitability, acceptability and feasibility (Johnson et al, 2011, p.364ff), bearing in mind that this was not simply a financial decision)

Reference no: EM13940752

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