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DavidSmart only Summary Response Essay

Its about two pages summery essay have to be five paragraph, and it has to have outline too. I upload 2 files.

You will read the attached passage, Pulp Friction,  and write a Summary-Response Essay. You may choose from either style -- block or point by point.  Also attached here is the power point we reviewed in class.  You may also refer to your text book for help on formatting your essay.  Please be sure to have someone check over your grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation as these will also count.  The exam is worth 110 points, of which 35 points will be for grammar, syntax, word choice, sentence order, punctuation and spelling; 35 points will be for essay format, paragraph construction, flow of ideas, hooks, transitions, thesis and topic statements clear and concise; and 30 points for content, that is, does your summary include only the main points, did you select two or three details to respond to, does the response match the summary and is appropriate to the original piece.

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