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1.Database solutions today must be able to adapt and integrate among various computing applications. Determine at least three forms of database connectivity methods that can be used as an interface between applications. For each method you have chosen, create an example that demonstrates how each could facilitate data exchange functionality in a cloud service environment.

2.Suggest at least two software solutions that offer the connectivity methods you have determined in Part 1 of this discussion to interface with other systems.

3.XML provides a method for data to be transferred between systems. Specify at least three components of an XML document. Analyze how each component ensures data reliability and validation.

4.Identify at least two e-Commerce systems that provide XML data integration. For each system, describe how XML extensions could enable e-Commerce integration among system stakeholders such as vendors, resellers, suppliers, and customers.

Reference no: EM13764486

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This assignment contains two (2) sections: Written Report and PowerPoint Presentation. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.

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Create a GUI for this particular project. You can use the lab 4 solution that you've submitted. Your GUI is completely up to you and should display all information that you

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Assume that the page to be replaced is modified 70 percent of the time. What is the maximum acceptable page-fault rate for an effective access time of no more than 200 nanos

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How should government justify telling private industry how to set up or improve their cybersecurity?• Keeping the focus on national security concerns, clearly discuss the comp

Finding the bridges in a graph

Suppose G is a connected graph. An edge e whose removal disconnects the graph is called a bridge. Give a linear-time algorithm for finding the bridges in a graph.  Express yo


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