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Data Quality Plan

Directions: A data quality plan can serve as a guideline for how and why data is used throughout a healthcare organization. You will develop a quality management plan based on a series of data analyses, interpretations and organization compliance standards of healthcare information management. Your plan will be a minimum total of 11 pages, with the following information:


1. Discuss the elements that should be included in a data quality plan. This plan should consider all the factors that influence the uses of data, data quality, and HIM functions. (minimum 5 pages)

This part of the plan should be a minimum of 5 pages in length, formatted using APA (be sure to cite your sources), and addresses the following topics:

  • Discuss the users of healthcare data.
  • Discuss the various departments that use healthcare data. How can they potentially use the data and how important is the quality of data?
  • Discuss the definitions of data quality characteristics including any strengths and/or weaknesses of each.
  • Discuss the importance of data retrieval and analysis in health care.
  • Discuss the role of HIM duties in managing and maintaining data. Discuss the functions, responsibilities, and skills required in this role.
  • Discuss the various reporting through use of healthcare data.
  • Discuss the various ways in which data can be displayed and the appropriate use of each display.
  • Discuss data as it is used for research purposes.
  • External factors that influence data use (such as legislation and government policies).

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Reference no: EM13721824

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