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Neon Company manufactures widgets. The following data is related to sales and production of the widgets for last year. Selling price per unit ?$130.00 Variable manufacturing costs per unit ?$62.00 Variable selling and administrative expenses per unit ?$5.00 Fixed manufacturing overhead? (in total) ?$30,000 Fixed selling and administrative expenses? (in total) ?$8,000 Units produced during the year ?1,500 Units sold during year ?1,100 Using variable? costing, what is the contribution margin for last? year?

Reference no: EM131202977

Make the portion of the income statement beginning

The income tax rate for White Lightning is 30 percent. Make the portion of the income statement beginning with "income from continuing operations before income tax" for the

Employees deal with change

Discuss what organizational change is and why being able to manage it is important. Also, list and discuss some ways managers can help their employees deal with change. 2 page

Town of dex recreation center construction balance sheet

How would these capital expenditures for recreation center appear on the Town of Dex's government-wide statements of net activities and assets and prepare journal entries to r

Under applied overhead to cost of goods sold

A company allocates overhead at a rate of 150% of direct labor cost. Actual overhead cost for the current period is $950,000, and direct labor cost is $600,000. Determine whet

Income statement from a typical historic mansions tour

Depreciation of buses is due to obsolescence. Depreciation due to wear and tear is negligible and liability insurance premiums are based on the number of buses in the company'

Cash flows from operating activities and net income

Cash flows from operating activities and Net income will be increased or adjusted upward and Net income will be decreased or adjusted downward.

What is depreciation on the building

At the beginning of 2014, Robotics Inc. acquired a manufacturing facility for $12.3 million. $9.3 million of the purchase price was allocated to the building. Depreciation for

The assembly overhead should be allocated to wheels

Regis Company manufactures 2 products, wheels and seats. The company has estimated its overhead in the assembling department to be $750,000. The company produces 50,000 wheels


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