Data is an important component in capacity planning

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“Would you agree that data is an important component in capacity planning? Why or why not?

What do you feel is the role of data in a business, in regards to capacity planning, and how can it aid business leaders in making valid decisions?

Why do some leaders not utilize the data that is available to them?

What are the ramifications to the organization? Do you feel that an environmentally supported standard product is harder to manage than a customized one?

Are there foreseen drawbacks in customization versus mass production?

Why don’t all companies customize their products to increase consumer appeal?

Reference no: EM131399063

Compare the human resources philosophy of two companies

Compare the human resources philosophy of two companies from the same industry. Comparison should include their similarities, differences and at least one item that gives that

Trend of continuing outsourcing

A call center company has decided to close a call center in the US and move the operations to Honduras. The reason is that workers in Honduras will work in a call center atmos

Real estate company is planning to invest in new development

Quick Sale Real Estate Company is planning to invest in a new development. The cost of the project will be $23 million and is expected to generate cash flows of $14,000,000, $

Explain operation management role in business today

Virtual organizations located on the student website. An organization with which you are familiar. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you explain operation management

Electronics company has two contract manufacturers

An electronics company has two contract manufacturers in Asia: Foxconn assembles its tablets and smart phones and Flextronics assembles its laptops. Monthly demand for tablets

Discussion thread to get to know your classmates

Use the Introductions discussion thread to get to know your classmates. Describe a personal interest and identify one thing you would like to learn in this class. Please respo

Discuss ways to implement the new system

A well-planned approach is important, and many will need to have training to learn some of the team-building skills necessary to make this a success. You realize that for so

Aware of its financial difficulties during negotiations

After Precision Products, a publicly traded company, offered Karen Clement-Rowe a position as a project engineer, she accepted, sold her house and with her family moved to Mic


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