Data gathering techniques for establishing requirements

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Software design engineers use different data gathering techniques for establishing requirements. Requirements come in many different forms and levels of abstraction, but need to be very specific and unambiguous. Of the two different kinds of requirements (functional and non-functional), speculate the challenges you may see in capturing both requirements. Provide a rationale for your response.

Low-fidelity prototypes are mainly used to conduct research on a product and are not integrated into the final product, while high-fidelity prototypes may evolve into a final product. Compare and contrast the final product that evolves from a high-fidelity product and a product built from the ground up after studying and learning from a low-fidelity prototype. Provide one(1) example of each type of product to support your response.

Reference no: EM131279990

Low performing student and the exemplary student

Describe what you believe are the key differences between the low performing student and the exemplary student. What is the most important thing low performing students can

Demand for the good or service

Explain why the demand for the good or service provided by a firm is elastic or inelastic. How does the elastic or inelastic demand influence pricing decisions by the firm t

Motivational consequences for average employees

The study found that participants thought performance should be essential or very important in deciding pay. What might be the positive motivational consequences for average

How the ineffective presentation defies

Explain how the ineffective presentation defies Duarte's 5 rules. Explain how the ineffective presentation ignores or misuses MacRae's concepts in Chapter 5: Basic Document

Large durable medical equipment and medical supply company

You have been hired as an outside consultant for a large durable medical equipment and medical supply company the company specializes in a wide range of medical supplies and

What are the legal and ethical implications of change

What are the legal and ethical implications of change? How should current employees and leaders begin to prepare for this change? Prepare a change management plan that inclu

Legal consideration headings in the foley text

1. Using the pricing example in Foley's Step 1 and 2 mock up the price for a retail item that might be exported. Include a short narrative about the assumptions you used to

Personality and values align

Next, construct your own decision-making maxim, and explain the significant way(s) that your personality and values align to said maxim. Consider in your maxim the integrati


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