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Activities/Assignments - DDDM, Data Warehousing & Student Engagement

Read and write an article review of your choice on either Data Driven Decision Making or Data Warehousing technologies or possible impacts on schools. Here is a fun short YouTube video on data management and differential instruction in personalizing the educational process on how it can be taken too far. If you browser does not allow you to see this flash file try this copy and pasting the url directly into the browser;

Write a concise paragraph or two reacting to each of these three short Dr. Alan November video podcasts. This discussion needs to be posted to the discussion board (as well as the drop box for grading). This discussion needs to include your current thinking about global connections as a technology and learning tools, and skills that learners need based upon November's video lectures as well as possible changes that you as an instructor may need to make to better prepare students as global learners.

For Alan November: A Look at Student Learning and Our Future See this video from

Myth and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom

-Flipping the Classroom and Cloud Computing

• View a video lecture on the Kahn Academy as an example of using the cloud for free videos for "flipping" the classroom entitled Let's use video to reinvent education:
• and read a short electronic book: Software as a Service in Education, Learning and Technology retrieved

Then write a 1 to 2 paragraph review of these assigned resources. In your written discussion, you may want to include your reactions to using either an e-book or free videos from the cloud such as that offered by the Kahn Academy as well as the possible use of cloud computing and/or flipped classrooms working in your educational setting.

Activities/Assignments -

The Lecture discussion will be on a video streaming lecture by Marc Prensky viewed below in an embedded video. After viewing Prensky's lecture write a one to two paragraph reaction.

Please include his article Engage Them or Enrage Them as part of your written discussion on the topic of computer gaming and engagement in education. To read the Marc Prensky's Rngage Them or Enrage Them article see:

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Reference no: EM13660137

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