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Daisy drugs manufactures two drugs: drug 1 and drug 2. the drugs are produced by blending together two chemicals: chemical 1 and chemical 2. by weight, drug 1 must contain at least 65% chemical 1. and drug 2 must contain 55% chemical 1. drug 1 sells for $6/oz and drug 2 sells for $4/oz. chemicals 1 and 2 can be produced by one of two production processes. running process 1 uses 2 hours skilled labor and yields 3 oz of each chemical. running process 2 uses 3 hours skilled labor and yields 2 oz chemical 1 and 1 oz chemical 2. a total of 95 hours of skilled labor are available. formulate an LP that can be used to maximize the sales revenue.

Reference no: EM131228511

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The inventory accounts that show the cost of completed goods on hand and the costs applicable to production that is only partially completed are, respectively. Cost accounting

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It is no secret; the economy has been pretty tough in the last few years. Pure Vision Manufacturing produces vision systems used in a variety of industrial manufacturing appli


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