Daily demand can be approximated by a normal distribution

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Skinner's fish market buys fresh boston cluefish daily for $4.20 per pound and sells it for $5.70 per pound. At the end of each business day, any remaining bluefish is sold to a producer of cat food for $2.40 per pound. Daily demand can be approximated by a normal distribution with the mean of 180 pounds and a standard deviation of 50 pounds. What is the optimal order quantity?

Reference no: EM13968148

What are the group decision-making processes and structures

What are the group decision-making processes and structures in place at your current or with a previous employer that were designed to eliminate bias, create structure, and

How would you characterize its culture

Think about an organization you are familiar with. On the basis of the dimensions of OCP, how would you characterize its culture? Out of the culture dimensions described, wh

Case study- the star award

Before turning to specifics of the case, consider the following more general question. Most would agree the six factors in the following list are important in determining who

Annual demand and annual requests-unit cube

Consider three items with the following profiles in a warehouse: (Items, Annual Demand (units), Annual Requests, Unit Cube (ft3)), (X, 200, 20, 1), (Y, 100, 15, 0.5), (Z, 300,

Considered when thinking about entering the chinese market

Entrepreneurial firm, PS2, has been presented with two opportunities to significantly expand their business in China. Paul Antle, President and CEO of PS2, has come to you ask

Encouraging the development of cultural rituals

As a cell phone marketer, how might you boost sales and usage by influencing cultural rituals and encouraging the development of cultural rituals? Provide examples. Brainstorm

Definition of the term resistance must incorporate

Piderit (2000) believes that the definition of the term resistance must incorporate a much broader scope. She states that "a review of past empirical research reveals three di

Find range of output for alternative-yield lowest total cost

A company that produces pleasure boats has decided to expand one of its lines. Current facilities are insufficient to handle the increased workload, so the company is consider


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