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You fill a cuvette with a solution of enzyme, substrate, and dye that changes color as the reaction occurs. You put it in a spectrophotometer and record the absorbance at several time points. The absorbance increases at first, then starts to level off, staying almost exactly the same at each time point. Why did the absorbance increase at the beginning AND why did it level off over time?

Reference no: EM131422204

Hemoglobin dissociation curve and the respiratory system

1. Explain how a decrease in pH and oxygen levels in the blood and interstitial fluid affects the heart, blood vessels, hemoglobin dissociation curve, and the respiratory

Gene associated with color blindness

Many types of color blindness are what are called X linked, thatis determined by genes on the X chromosome. Suppose a woman iscarrying one X chromosome with the gene for a p

Stranded on an unchartered island

If you were stranded on an unchartered island, why would it be important not to drink salt water from the ocean? What will occur if you drink too much salt water? How does

Illustrate an energy diagram for the reaction

Plants lacking this enzyme grow slowly and are often light green or white in colour. Provide explanations with support for both these plants' slow growth rates and light-green

Importance of sample size

If results for 100 offspring differ from results for 1000 offspring, what does this tell us about the importance of sample size? What are some other reasons why your observ

Which of the following familes of proteins mediates

A 16 year old girl is admitted to the hospital with a 1 day history of severe headache and a fever of 38.7 C (103F). Physical examination reveals nurchal rigidity.

Why might these two species behave similarly

Rough-winged swallows will adopt the offspring of other swallows when parents are experimentally given these nestlings, just as lesser kestrels do when nesting on roof tops.

How is our ecosystem affected today

Write a 1 to 2 page, double-spaced paper in 12 pt. font in response to the following question. Read the article titled, "Lab ecosystems show signs of evolving."How is our ec


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