Cutting staff affects morale-ultimately orgainzation falters

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"Permanent layoffs should occur only as a last resort. Cutting staff affects morale, and ultimately the orgainzation falters more. Organizations also have a social responsibility to their employees and owe it to them to find alternative ways to cut costs." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Defend your position

Reference no: EM13275510

Alarm systems and technology

How alarm systems work and the rationale for use of different types of alarm systems. Explore technologies for communication, tracking, surveillance and audio/video monitoring

Identify an organizational-level goal-financial performance

Identify an organizational-level goal that would be incorporated into an annual business strategy (e.g., financial performance, service, productivity, competitive advantage, i

Describe the classroom environments

How are the student grouped? What is on the walls, ceiling, etc.? What equipment is available? Other elements?  The environment in the classroom I observed in is different th

Construct a table showing the alternative combinations

Suppose you won $15 on a lotto ticket at the local 7-Eleven and decided to spend all the winnings on candy bars and bags of peanuts. The price of candy bars is $0.75 and the p

Discuss about the drug testing in schools

explain whether or not you believe it is fair for non-athletes to be exempt from random drug testing in schools. Justify your response.describe the fundamental effects that a

Domestic violence organization

What are some of the goals and objectives do you think a domestic violence organization would use if their mission is to provide shelter and services for victims of domestic v

Identify stakeholders

At first, stakeholder identification seems pretty straightforward - name the people who will affect the project or be affected. In fact, all too frequently some very importa

Questionable treatment practices in psychology

Questionable Treatment Practices in Psychology. What would need to happen for current acceptance of this treatment procedure to change? What are the ethical implications invo


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