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Customer Service

Airline Industry offers a separate counter for their first class customers – is this consumer discrimination.

Question –

1. Identify a similar industry that engages in this practice.

2. Is this a smart business plan?

3. Why is it a smart business plan or why not?

Reference no: EM13857335

Customer service and transportation

Write the top three interactions you believe are critical to a functional supply chain. These interactions may have to do with communication, customer service, transportation

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Transportation problem. A company has m manufacturing facilities. The facility at the ith location has capacity to produce bi units of an item. The product should be shipped t

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A call center employs 960 agents. Every month 60 employees leave the company and 60 new employees are hired. a. How long on average does an agent work for this call center?

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Are race and color distinctions mutually exclusive under the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Can two persons be of the same race but of different colors under the act? What are the

Discrimination based upon religion is unlawful

Discrimination based upon religion is unlawful. Does this mean that all religious practices are protected absolutely under the act? What actions, if any, must an employer take


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