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Sales Management

1. After territories have been developed, changes may occur that indicate the territories need to be realigned. What changes can you identify that indicate the need for realignment? How would you go about the process of realigning territories? How would you implement the changes?

2. Sales support personnel include customer service reps, account coordinators, sales assistants, and others whose efforts have a critical impact on a sales force's success. The chapter discusses motivation from the perspective of the sales force. How would you apply the concepts discussed in the chapter to sales support personnel? What can a company do to motivate sales support personnel?

Reference no: EM131289542

Question about research method

What strategies might you use to help you become more comfortable with or develop further expertise in mixed methods research--as a consumer and/or producer of research?

Discuss the market system and the need for ethics

1. Discuss the market system and the need for ethics in business and distinguish it from the law and concepts of virtue and morality.2. Discuss ethics in the context of rela

Pathologies present within our population

There are many diseases, disorders, and pathologies present within our population.  These can range from topics you may or may not have heard of, such as ALS (made popular b

Create a strong team environment - caring angel hospital

Propose methodologies that have been proven to increase value in health care delivery systems and examine leadership and management frameworks that are most applicable to a

Department of commerce arguing that the canadian firm

Assume a Canadian lumber firm is selling wood into the United States at a lower price than in Canada. To produce more wood, the lumber company has to cut trees further away

Hire additional laborers

1. Was this relationship a partnership for a term or a partnership at will? 2. Did Manny have the authority to hire additional laborers to work at the ranch after his injury?

Utilizing your current work organization

Utilizing your current work organization or an organization of interest as the subject matter, research the elements of business as well as prepare an APA formatted paper th

Analyze the trade offs benefits and risks

Analyze the trade offs (benefits and risks) associated with an aviation fuel consortia and discuss your justification for using or not using this logistics planning strategy


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