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Marketing Research Proposal

This proposal is to seek your approval to proceed with a marketing research on COS China.

Brief Background

COS(Collection of Style) is a high street fashion brand launched in 2007, and it is brand under H&M Group. COS entered the Chinese market in 2013; it currently operates Bricks-and-Mortar retail stores in 11 first-tier cities across the nation.

The expected annual growth rate of the Chinese e-commerce market was 48% in 2013 (Hoffmann, Lannes and Dai, 2013). Also, the development of E-commerce platforms provides the opportunity for international brands to advertise and sell directly.

However, with its dedication in developing offline channels, COS ignored the huge potential in online retailing.

Managerial decision

We plan to conduct a marketing research to determine whether it is a viable option for COS to expand via E-commerce in China.

Information needed

To answer the main research question, the following information may need to be collected and analyzed:

1. Customer segmentation: Who are our customers. (secondary data)

2. Current consumer recognition of COS, including awareness, perception, attitude, purchase experience, etc.

3. Consumer online shopping behavior in Apparel:

• What: Price range, Category, Benefits sought

• Where: Online retailer; Self-Owned online store

• Who: Reference group

• How: Payment method

4. Competition. The competitive situation for COS in apparel category, especially online area.

Reference no: EM131418149

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