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As the branch manager of a bank, naturally, you want to make your customers happy. An important factor in enhancing your customer satisfaction is reduced waiting times. You are not happy with the current estimates of the waiting times in your branch. Having learned in your Operations Management class, you know how to approach to solve this problem. You first collected data on the arrival and the service process; and found that the average interarrival time for your customers is 10 mins with sample standard deviation of 4 mins. You also found that the average service time (request processing time for a customer) is 8 mins with sample standard deviation of 5 mins. Suppose you currently employ only one teller.

Reference no: EM131042366

Describe type of information that is documented in issue log

Describe the type of information that is documented in an issue log. How can you avoid spending too much time documenting and tracking issues? Use or cite examples that may oc

Integrated cost leadership-differentiation strategies

How to focused differentiation and focused cost leadership strategy differ from their non-focused counterparts?? Describe the advantages of an integrated cost leadership/Diffe

Determine the minimum and maximum cycle times

An assembly line with 11 tasks is to be balanced. The longest task is 2.7 minutes, the shortest task is 0.4 minutes, and the sum of the task times is 18 minutes. The line wi

What are the pros and cons of this law

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act of 2009 changes the statute of limitations for a claim under Title VII and the EPA for an unjustified pay difference between male

Major parts of the job analysis

There are 3 major parts of the job analysis (job content, job context and worker requirements – they may have different titles in different books but the meaning is the same).

Formulate the linear program for minimize total cost

Three types of fertilizer are manufactured by a company - Regular, Supergro, and Jungle Feeder. Regular should have at least 15 percent nitrogen and 16 percent phosphorous. Ca

Organizations have tremendous social obligations

Ralph Nader proclaims that organizations have tremendous social obligations while Milton Friedman asserts that organizations have no obligation to do any more for society than

Calculate the motel’s breakeven level

A motel has 70 rooms it usually rents out, in the following proportions: 45% singles at: $48.00 per night 35% doubles at: $62.00 per night 20% triples at: $72.00 per night The


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