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Our company

Serve the finest quality coffee to ensure customer satisfaction

Coffee was introduced to Indonesia in the 1700s and Indonesia has since become the world’s fouth largest coffess producer. We are exclusively selling Indonesian coffee and are based in the province of East Java. We intend to bring the exceptional taste and art value of Indonesian coffee to the world.

Luwak Coffee

100% pure luwak arabica coffee

Worth Drinking

The most unique and expensive coffee in the world. Originally from Indonesia, Luwak Coffee is made from luwak (civet) digestion fermentation with low acidity and is safe for stomach, roasted through our recipe. Combine value of art and taste, Artcofie brings 100% and quality of luwak coffee.

Experience the taste of luwak coffee

Java Arabica ?

World’s top 5th most consumed coffee

Character of indonesia coffee

Famous coffee from indoneia, come from the best sourcing of java arabica coffee, get Genuine traditional taste of arabica coffee with special and savory aroma and less caffein. Perfect with mocha.

Sumatra Arabica Mandheling Coffee?

World’s 5th most consumed coffee

Enjoy the taste

Comes from Sumatra with the best quality of coffee bean which is famous for smooth, low acidity, bold, and herbal aroma we bring high quality of taste and full flavor of Sumatran Coffee. Through our blend recipe, perfect for espresso coffee

Sumatra Robusta?

Taste specialty of indonesia sumatra robusta

Extracted from the best coffee bean from Lampung, Sumatra, with sweet aroma, low acidity and mild taste, with higher caffein ideal for diet by drink before exercise.


The history of coffee in originated in the 9th century from Egypt Ethiopia, which then spread to North Africa, and then from North Africa to Europe and Asia. The spread of Arabica coffee plants in Indonesia occurred in the early 1700's during the colonialization of the Dutch. In the beginning Arabica coffee was grown on the island of Java, and after good harvest, it was subsequently grown in Sumatra and Sulawesi. Based on area and geography, Indonesia could have been the largest coffee producer in the world; however, due to pest at about 19th century, the harvest of Arabica coffee was significantly reduced. After that, the Dutch colonial government began to cultivate the less successful coffee Liberika, prompting it to begin cultivating the Robusta coffee from Congo. This heralded the rapid development of coffee plantation in Indonesia.


About Us Company

Coffee was introduced to Indonesia in the 1700s and until now Indonesia has become the world’s fouth largest coffess producer and rich in famous coffee bean from different areas. We are exclusively selling Indonesian coffee and are based in the province of East Java. Dedicate the best by combining value of taste and art of indonesia coffee, we present ARTCOFIE to worldwide and we promise serve the best and guarantee customer satisfied.

Our specialty

Indonesia is rich of coffee bean and produce world’s most expensive coffee in the world, we’re proudly present ARTCOFIE which is specialty in indonesia coffee, through knowing the art of drinking coffee we offer the best and high value of indonesia coffee.

Vision and Mision

Introduce to worldwide the best of indonesian coffee and get 100% customer satisfied of our taste of art. To bring the best of Indonesian coffee and please our customers through the taste and art of our coffee.

Reference no: EM13144452

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