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  • Imagine that you are a System Administrator who is helping a customer deploy a new database for their customer service department. Suggest the three (3) most important factors regarding the functionality and usability of the database that must be understood and communicated before you can design and deploy the customer's database (i.e., size of the database, etc.). Justify the importance of your selected factors.
  • Suppose that you learn that the customer from the first part of this discussion is unsure as to whether the database is going to run only during normal business hours or whether it needs to run 24 hours / 7 days a week. Assess the importance of knowing this piece of information prior to deploying the database. Use examples when necessary to support your response.

Reference no: EM13165357

Number of gallons purchased to fill-up

Design the program to ask the user for beginning and ending odometer readings, and the number of gallons purchased to fill-up (use a "while" loop which allows an indefinite

Do you think that the media lab can make a positive impact

In what research and other activities would you try to participate to help bring the benefits of information and communications technology to India? Do you think that the Me

Present value of these payments

Suppose that you will receive $100 in 4 years (end of year 4) and every even year thereafter (year 6, 8, ...) you will receive a payment that is 5% bigger than the prior pay

Several senior investigators from the state crime

several senior investigators from the state crime lab request that AB Investigative Services (ABIS) prepare a standard operations procedure document concerning the general p

Disadvantages of solving linear equations through graphing

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solving linear equations through graphing? Please compare and contrast this method with the other methods - substitution and eli

Organizational of infrastructure and security

The last section of the project plan will present the infrastructure in accordance with the parameters set forth at the outset of the project. The network solution that is c

Marketing director for a company brand

Imagine you are the Marketing Director for a company brand. The analytics arm of the company wishes to discard a decade's worth of Dark Data. However, you wish to preserve t

Complete the top view of the block

Create the front and right-side views of the block shown in Fig. 12-16. Then, using the horizontal line above the front view as a basis, complete the top view of the block.


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