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Focus of the Final Paper

In your Final Paper, identify and select a service organization you are familiar with (as an employee or customer). Once you have selected a service organization you need to address the following:

  1. Describe the customer expectations and satisfaction for the service organization you have chosen and discuss the importance of achieving customer expectations and satisfaction with respect to this organization.
  2. Propose and explain criteria for developing and evaluating strategies for change, such as a quality management initiative, in your selected service organization.
  3. Illustrate the essentials of quality management and the administrative techniques that are associated with it, including benchmarking and information management, as they apply to your selected service organization.
  4. Discuss the proposed total quality management imitative and analyze its impact on the service organization's culture, employees, and customers.
  5. Provide recommendations to your selected service organization that will enhance its organizational strategies to meet consumer demands.

Reference no: EM131443878

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