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A certain company's cash flows are expected to grow at a rate of 15% for the next eight years before tapering off to a constant growth rate of 6% forever. The current year's cash flow is $50,000. If the firm's cost of capital is 20%, what should its fair market value be? Round your answer to the nearest dollar.

Reference no: EM132234971

Which alternative would you recommend

What is the effective or net cost of the large press? If this is the only way Zarin can obtain the large press, should the firm go ahead with the merger? Explain your answer.

Amount of the firm total stockholder equity

Purple Dalia, Inc. has the following balance sheet statement items; current liabilities of $895,189; net fixed and other assets of $1,237,440; total assets of $3,359,210; an

What is the firm accounts payable

Joanna Handicrafts, Inc., has net sales of $4.47 million with 50 percent being credit sales. Its cost of goods sold is $2.68 million. The firm's cash conversion cycle is 36.

Objective type question based on bonds and their valuation

Objective type question based on bonds and their valuation and what would be the value of the Allied Signal Corporation bonds at an 8 % requirement rate of return if the inter

Compare and contrast the different dividend theories

Compare and contrast the different dividend theories. Define and discuss the factors that firms must consider in the selection and implementation of their dividend policy.

Calculate how much more michael will need

To make up the shortfall, Michael will make monthly contributions to his investment account which earns 6% compounded annually. How much must he save each month to have eno

Determine the bond price

A company is planning to increase $43 million of external funding. Would there be financial leverage and what kind of financial leverage would be present if a corporation coul

What is the option value

The annual risk-free rate is 6.0%, based on daily compounding. A1-year call option on the stock, with an exercise price of $22, is available. Based on the binomial model, wh


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