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Topic: Knowledge Management Systems in business? Knowledge management systems are at the core of innovation and business process improvement. The knowledge management value chain is the entire set of business processes developed in an organization to create, store, transfer, and apply knowledge assets. By doing a search of the internet or by other research methods, find a business or organization that has chosen to implement a knowledge management system (remember to post references). Using the Knowledge Management Value Chain concept, ponder these questions:

(1) What was the organization's prime motivation for implementing a knowledge management system

(2) What was the current state of knowledge management at this organization?

(3) What knowledge management product did they choose?

(4) What major challenges did they face during the implementation?

(5) How did the new system improve business operations and competitive standing?

(6) How does the statement "Effective knowledge management is 80 percent managerial and organizational, and 20 percent technology" apply to your case study?

(7) If you were in charge of this project, what recommendations or actions would you have taken to improve the outcome?

Reference no: EM132281082

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