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Question #1

Write a paper that compares what you see as the current role of an HRM professional with how the role is expected to evolve in the future. In addition, compare the varying demands made upon HRM professionals throughout time. Note: This discussion may help you formulate your paper for the first assignment (2 pages)

Question #2

Attributes of the High-Performance Work System (2 pages)High-performance work systems provide models for integrating the various practices, work structures, and processes used to get the most out of human capital. As you learned from this unit's studies, these systems contribute to the success of organizations in many different ways, and benefit stakeholders from executives to employees to customers and the local community.
In your paper, address the following:

  • Evaluate the importance of high-performance work systems.
  • What attributes do you see as most important in the development of high-performance work systems?
  • Have you observed any of these attributes in your organization? (You can use the organization where you currently work or have worked, where you have volunteered, or where you have been the customer-as long as you have sufficient information to fully answer these questions.)
  • What do you see as the HRM professional's role in supporting high-performance work systems?

Question #3 (2 pages)

  • Which principles of high-performance work systems have you witnessed in your own workplace? If possible, note specific examples from your experience to support your analysis.
  • Do your department's leaders demonstrate the characteristics discussed in the unit studies?
  • How could you initiate change to develop or improve a high-performance work team environment at your workplace?

Reference no: EM131222191

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