Current primary sources of electricity generation
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You will see the time progression of impacts associated with either coal-fired or nuclear power plants for electricity generation to help you write up a scientific paper that centers on the following:

Given that the current primary sources of electricity generation are coal and nuclear power plants, which of these sources is better for human sustainability?

Analyze Energy Sources Lab

Everything people do in their daily lives involves the consumption of resources-particularly energy. With respect to energy, electricity is one of the most important resources consumed and also one of the highest in demand. Traditionally, fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil have dominated the U.S. energy mix; however, as it is well-known, carbon-emitting energy sources are very detrimental to the environment and are contributing to global warming. Fortunately, alternative energy resources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power are becoming more efficient and prevalent in today's energy economy.


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The objective of this lab is to critically investigate the two primary energy resources given viz., coal and nuclear power plants and to conclude the one relatively better among the given two in terms of environmental sustainability.


Considering the two cases of the electricity generation processes, coal based and the nuclear based, there are ways to see the radiation levels and how they change with time and to assess their impact on the human sustainability. Coal creates radiation as well the nuclear energy also creates radiation. Hence the level of radiation emissions will form the bench mark to assess the energy resource, which is good for human sustainability.

•Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome

Hypothesis/predicted outcome of the lab is that the coal is better than nuclear fuel. This is based on the radiation levels of exposure from coal and nuclear as well considering their relative destruction capabilities and other fatalities and capabilities.

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