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You are required to do a short 10-minute presentation on any current international finance related issue. You are free to choose any current international-finance related issue or news based on your own interest. Besides the Internet, some other good sources for international finance related news are The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc. Do mention your source of information in your slides.

Reference no: EM131401673

What will happen to the value of the mexican peso

If Mexicans go on a spending spree and buy twice as much french perfume, japanese tvs, english sweaters, swiss watches, and italian wine, what will happen to the value of th

Calculate the net profit margin for each year

Calculate the average annual growth rate of total revenue using the AVERAGE function. Is this result more or less accurate than your result in the previous question? Why?

Differences between the command and control

Contact your state National Guard office. Find out what kinds of resources they can offer to assist local communities in the event of a disaster and what kind of training an

What is the best known index of that price weighted variety

What is the Best Known index of that Price Weighted variety? How do you reconcile your different results in PARTS (a) and (c) {HINT:HINT} with the idea of benchmarking? Exp

What is the primary goal of the financial manager

The primary goal of the financial manager of a profit-seeking organization is to. Two risk assets can be combined to lower the overall risk of a portfolio. This principle is c

Minimum cost cash balance

If Halliday can holdmarketable securities that yield 5 percent, and then convert thesesecurities to cash at a cost of only the $2 deposit charge, what isthe total cost for o

Prepare the entry to record the sale of the receivables

On March 3, Lisa Ceja Appliances sells $700,000 of its receivables to Horatio  Factors Inc. Horatio Factors assesses a finance charge of 3% of the amount of receivables  sol

For what range of discount rates is the project attractive

Your firm is considering the launch of a new product, the XJ5. The upfront development cost is $10 million, and you expect to earn a cash flow of $3 million per year for the n


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