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Discuss a scientifically-based current event.  The even must have occurred in 2017.

The event can focus on any science or health-related event.

Science disciplines of discussion can be;  biology, chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, physical chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, physics, astronomy, astrophysics, or geology. Events can describe new discoveries in medicine, pharmaceuticals, treatments, medical or science-related equipment, or other areas. 

An example of a current event (that first occurred prior to 2015) was the development of Lasik surgery.

The criteria is that it must be a current event with a scientific aspect.  Be sure not to overlap any material from previous or future discussion boards (such a diseases of microorganisms or biotechnology discoveries). Things to include:

1.what is the scientific component of the event

2. how did it come about

3.who/what is affected by it

4. what impact does it cause (economically, health-wise, socially)

5. was the occurrence was something locally, nationally, or globally.

6. why was the event important to make some type of headline?

7. Please include interesting facts you may find related to the event as well. 

Remember, this is to be done in your own words (no copying and pasting from sources allowed).

8. Respond to another student's post in an educational manner (research his/her topic and give additional facts they didn't include)

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