Current environmental policy for critical evaluation
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This is the major assignment for this subject and forms the basis of your oral presentation to the class.


You must select a current environmental policy (regulation/legislation) for critical evaluation.

It is necessary to critically analyse the policy for its economic implications.

You must reach conclusions about the effectiveness of the policy and make any recommendations about changes that you think are necessary.

In answering this part of the assignment ask these questions-

1 What market deficiencies (problem) is the government trying to rectify)

2. How successful is the current policy in rectifying the problem?

3. What changes would you enact to enhance the effectiveness of the policy?


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Issues related to environmental degradation has seriously threatened the quality of human lives and animals. Sustainability developmental plan adopted by the global leaders has not been implemented in the desired manner.

Bio-diversity issues have been constantly being increasing, which has encouraged the leaders to introduce an effective method for handling the crisis. Policy changes for protecting the environment and the endangered specifies and wild lives (Newell and Pizer, 2003).

There are different types of environmental issues causes due to industrial wastages, water pollution, air pollution, and increasing temperature of the earth. Policies for reducing the industrial wastages, has always been worked upon by the authorities. Industrial wastages disposed into river and sea water, impacts the quality of water.

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